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Local Scholarships

Local Scholarships are updated each January. Remember to log in to Google Docs if you would like to make a copy of the applications.  Go to FILE, MAKE A COPY to have your own copy to type into.  Be sure to type your application for the best chance at a scholarship.

**All Local Scholarships are Due to Mona in the Counseling Office by April 1st unless otherwise noted below.**
Scholarship Name Due Date Special Requirements
Mitts Memorial Scholarship
***Mail by
March 31st!***
CC Farm Bureau Scholarship ***You mail, must be received by April 1st!*** Child of CCFB Member- Come to the Counseling Office for Updated Scholarship Application
Ft. Fetterman Sportsman Association Scholarship ***You mail, must be received by April 1st!*** Write a short essay
American Legion Citizenship Award  April 1st  Preference given to students with an affiliation to American Legion.  BUT not Required!
American Legion Claude Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund  April 1st  Preference give to students with an affiliation to American Legion or Boys or Girls State.  BUT not Required!
Anderson, David B., Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  For students planning to major in music, must include a sampling of music performance
Bert and Helen Kimball Scholarship  April 1st  
Carolyn Ann Burnett and Jack and Anna Ward Scholarship  April 1st Short essay required
Casey Uhlich Memorial Wrestling Scholarship  April 1st  Must have participated in 3+ years of wrestling
Connie Igo Memorial, Boys and Girls Club of Douglas Scholarship  April 1st  Must have attended, volunteered at, or worked at the Boys & Girls Club
CC Bank Scholarship  April 1st 3.0+ GPA, short essay 
CC Commissioners' Scholarship  April 1st Short Essay addressing an issue facing state or local government with a solution to the problem, Does not have to be a current graduate, open to non-traditional students as well
CC Liquor Dealers' Association  April 1st Need based 
CC Rancher's Memorial Fund Scholarship  **You mail, must be received by April 1st**  Family must be actively farming or ranching in Converse County
CCSD #1 Scholarship Trust Fund
 April 1st
 Short essay about a life changing event
Cottonwood Garden Club Scholarship  April 1st  For specific fields related to the environment and gardening
Dave Chitty Memorial Scholarship (D.E.A.)  April 1st  Majoring in Education
DHS Counseling Scholarship  April 1st  Short Essay
Doctor Jamie Rupp Memorial Math and Science Scholarship - See Word document below April 1st For a student going into a math or science field, and loves to travel or has a desire to travel
Douglas Kiwanis Scholarship - Shaw  April 1st  
Douglas Kiwanis Scholarship - Tony Funk & Gene L. Payne, Sr. Memorial  April 1st For a student who is employed, must include a reference from employer 
Douglas Rotary Club - William G. Spencer/Fr. Jim Wolfkiel Memorial Scholars  April 1st Essay on the Four Way Test 
Douglas Sorority Scholarship  April 1st Personal Statement 
Douglas Volunteer Firefighters' Scholarship  April 1st  2.5+ GPA
Dr. Pol William Holt Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  Majoring in Education or Religious Studies
First United Methodist Church Scholarship  April 1st Preference given to a student active in the FUMC Church 
Fred W. & Elnora D. Dilts Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  Attending UW, need based
George Etchemendy Rural Firefighters Scholarship  **You mail, must be received by April 1st!** For dependents of rural firefighters that belong to the CCRF Association 
Just a Bunch of Turkeys Scholarship
see document below
April 15th 3.0+ GPA
Kindness Scholarship  April 1st  Must be recommended by someone else
Knight Kruiser's Car Club Scholarship  April 1st Preference to Automotive  
Knights of Columbus #6558 Scholarship - See document below  **You mail, must be postmarked by April 1st**
 For active members of
St. Louis or St. James 
Mary Katherine Collins Scholarship  April 1st For a student from a single parent family 
McDonald's Cares Scholarship  April 1st Personal Statement 
MHCC Employee Engagement Committee Scholarship  April 1st  For an employee, spouse of an employee, or child of an employee at MHCC
Millard I. Meredith Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  Short Essay on Millard Meredith's life and contributions, For students majoring in Education
Moose Lodge #602 Community Service Scholarship  April 1st  2.8+ GPA, to a student active in the community
Moose Lodge #602 Scholarship  April 1st  3.0+ GPA, family involvement with the Moose Lodge
Russell Construction Company Scholarship  April 1st  Preference to students majoring in any construction related field, 2.5+ GPA
Science-Health Scholarship  April 1st  
Shane Shatto Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  For students active in sports, short essay
Shelby Brooks Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  For students active in sports
Student Council Scholarship  April 1st  For students active in Student Council
Summit Title Peak Performance Scholarship - See Document Below  May 10th  2.5+ GPA, Attending a Wyoming school, Personal Statement
Super 8/Motel 6 Scholarship  April 1st  
The SPS Music, Academic, Community Service Scholarship  April 1st  For a student active in Band or Choir as well as community service
Vera Darlington Memorial Scholarship  April 1st  Pursuing a Degree in Music
The Mary Cross Memorial Scholarship - Zonta Club of Converse County  April 1st  For female students
Rocky Mountain Wash  **Must be received by April 1st, you mail!**  Write a Short Essay
Ed & Bessie Hiser Memorial Scholarship  **Must be received by April 15th, you mail!**  Personal Statement
James & Dorothy Willox Trade School Scholarship Reviewed Quarterly, Rolling Acceptance  For Trade School Students