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GEAR UP Scholarship Info

**A new GEAR UP Grant began in September of 2018. Please see the file below for new GEAR UP Scholarship Information.**

Institutional Scholarships

Each GEAR UP site partners with their host to offer institutional scholarships for GU students participating in the 2011 grant. A brief overview of the institutional scholarships at each Wyoming community college is provided below. Details and procedures about the UW Institutional Scholarship is also included in this section. *Please note that institutional scholarships are designed for use by GEAR UP students who will be attending the institution offering the scholarship. They are not transferable to other colleges or universities. 

Wyoming Community College GU Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to former GEAR UP Wyoming students who are attending Wyoming community colleges.  Most community college partner institutions have funds they award specifically to former GEAR UP Wyoming students. Scholarship eligibility criteria are determined by the individual community college.

Please be aware that the details surrounding institutional scholarships at Wyoming community colleges are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please visit the GEAR UP Wyoming website at http://www.uwyo.edu/gearup/scholarships/index.html#Scholarships. If additional details are needed on one of the institutional scholarships listed below, please contact the GU Coordinator at that site for details.

GEAR UP Institutional Scholarship by Site                                                            Due Date

Casper College                                                                                                                 rolling acceptance

$500/semester.  Students must maintain 2.0 GPA and enroll in at least 9 credits. During high school, student needs to attend a summer academy and complete five or more hours of PrepMe or proof of ACT preparation. See the following web page for more details: http://www.caspercollege.edu/gearup/ (Click on Scholarships/Forms tab) 

Central Wyoming College                                                                                           May 1

Amount varies from $500 - $2,712/semester.  Award amount is based on GPA or ACT score, whichever is higher for the GOLD and SILVER; the BRONZE is based only on GPA.  GOLD recipients must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours and maintain a 3.0 to retain scholarship; SILVER and BRONZE must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours and maintain a 2.5 GPA to retain scholarship.  A referral email from student’s site coordinator to the CWC Coordinator is required to confirm student participation.  Participation in CWC GU college freshmen services is required.  See the following web page for more details and qualifications:  https://www.cwc.edu/media/academics/college-prep/Checklist-for-Scholarships.pdf

Eastern Wyoming College                                                                                           Rolling acceptance         

Four tuition scholarship for 9-12 credit hours are available.  Students must maintain 2.0 GPA.  Participation requirements include completing a summer academy, a college visit outside of the host institutional, and attendance at tutoring/advising. For more details, qualifications, and application contact Judy Brown at judy.a.brown@ewc.wy.edu or (307) 532-8269.

Laramie County Community College                                                                      June 30

Depends on need (average award $1,236/semester).  Students must enroll in 12 credits, complete 9 of the 12 credits and maintain a 1.75 GPA (fall semester) or 2.0 GPA (spring semester).  Participation in LCCC GU college freshmen services is required.  See the following web page for more details and qualifications:                https://www.keysurvey.com/survey/347535/4047/

Northwest College                                                                                                         June 1 (fall); Oct 1

Depends on need – scholarship may cover unmet need.  Students must meet participation requirements in GEAR UP.   Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 by the end of first year.  See the following web page for more details and qualifications: http://www.northwestcollege.edu/dotAsset/205096.pdf

Northern Wyoming Community College District                                               April 1

Available at Sheridan Campus Only.   Students must be enrolled full-time and maintain a 2.0 GPA.  Preference will be given to students who attended a GEAR UP Summer Academy in high school.  Students must also participate in GEAR UP College Freshmen Services at SC to maintain their scholarship.  For more details and qualifications, contact Denise Scammon at dscammon@sheridan.edu or (307) 674-6446 ext. 2010.  For an application, follow the following link to SC’s scholarship website: https://sheridan.academicworks.com/

Western Wyoming Community College                                                               April 1

Maximum of $1600/year will be awarded to full time, on-campus students.  Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be concurrently enrolled in the 16 to Succeed Program.  GEAR UP participation requirements include completing a summer academy, a college visit outside of the host institutional, 20 months in GEAR UP prior to high school graduation, and completion of required GEAR UP college freshmen services. http://www.wwcc.wy.edu/gearup/forms.htm