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Students » English Final Dec 2019

English Final Dec 2019

Note:  If you see an issue with the desktop version of Microsoft Word saying "product isn't activated", open and close the desktop version of Word two times to make sure it connects to the online activation service of Microsoft.
Once you have saved the document to your OneDrive account and shared it to your teacher, you need to click on the button to Open in Desktop App so it will open with the full functionality of Microsoft Word.  That allows you to enter your own text on each section of the newsletter template.
Open in Desktop App button
As long as you've shared it with "allow editing" checked to your teacher, they will be able to grade your completed paper.
Here are the steps to download the template to the local computer, upload to OneDrive, Share (with editing) to your teacher and Edit the Word document with the desktop version of Word
  1. Please click this link to open a read-only copy of the final template in your web browser
  2. If you don't see the word Download at the top of the document, click the ... on the top right of the online document and choose Download which will place the document in your local download folder on your computer
    1. english final download screenshot
  3. Go back to in your web browser, click the button for OneDrive and upload the document back to OneDrive so it lives in the cloud.
    1. OneDrive screenshot
    2. Upload files OneDrive screenshot
    3. Uploading from Downloads folder screenshot
    4. Once it's uploaded, click the share button highlighted in yellow belowSharing a newly uploaded file from OneDrive
    5. Make sure you click the top button and click the box to allow EDITING then make sure you enter your teacher's email address, then press share.
      1. Sharing to teacher screenshot
      2. You may need to enter their entire email address if OneDrive doesn't auto-populate it as you type it