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Welcome to the Nurse's page! 

 As a full-time High School Nurse I support education and health for academic success and optimal wellness.  More specific roles include:
  • assessment and care of acute and chronic illness, injuries and emergencies
  • medication administration with parent permission and parent supply
  • mandated health screenings for 10th grade students and new students
  • immunization record collection and recording and notifying parents if students are lacking in any of them
  • partner with community health care providers and community services
  • develop plans according to needs - asthma, diabetes, seizures, severe allergies, emotional needs and other individualized health care plans
  • assist with access to WY health coverage and vision program

This page is a work in progress so I will be adding more information very soon!  Please call if you have questions I can help with: (307) 358-2940

Jean Schroeder, RN, BSN, NCSN

DHS Nurse

School Nurse Clipart