Work Based Experience (WBE)


Teacher/Coordinator:  Mrs. Kerkvliet

Room: At Middle School

Email: bkerkvliet@ccsd1.org


The WBE option of WBL is designed to help students earn academic credit through work experience with a community business. Students are required to take and pass four classes in addition to their job assignment. Students are also required to have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Career Readiness class. Work experience sites must be approved by teacher/coordinator. Students are graded on a pass/fail basis for their experience. Students are responsible as well for attaining their own job assignment.



  1. Currently have or attain satisfactory employment during the entire semester. If you are terminated or quit your job, you will have two weeks to seek new employment and must meet with Mrs. Kerkvliet.
  2. Maintain a passing grade in four required/elective classes.
  3. Submission of paycheck stubs (or copies) to Mrs. Kerkvliet for verification of hours worked.  Paystubs must be turned in on 9/22, 10/20, 11/17 and 12/15.  But you can turn them in as soon as you get them, which I recommend.
  1. 260 hours = ½ credit (2 quarters * 130 hours/quarter = about 15 hours/week)


  2. 350 hours = 1 credit (2 quarters * 175 hours/quarter = about 21 hours/week)



  1. School policies will be adhered to at all times.
  2. Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times.
  3. PUNCTUALITY and ATTENDANCE are important in both the classroom and work place. Therefore, I expect that each student will arrive at the work place at the required times and dates that are set forth by your employer.
  4. Failure to meet requirements or expectations will be considered grounds for dismissal from the WBL program as a WBE student.


  5. Semester minimum hour requirements for academic credit:

260 Hours = ½ credit                     350 Hours = 1 credit


Goal of WBL Program at DHS
The goal of Work Based Learning (WBL) at DHS is to provide a continuum of work related experiences for high school student’s grades 11-12, that focus on helping students in developing both specific career area skills and transferable competencies.  These competencies include such areas as: critical thinking, teamwork, decorum, ethics, time management, honesty, problem solving, written and oral communication, in preparation for the workplace and post-secondary education (college).


How the WBL Program Works

The WBL program at DHS is composed of three areas: 1) Career Internships, 2) Educational Internships, and 3) Work Based Experience (WBE). The WBE portion of the WBL program is setup so that currently employed students can earn academic credit while working. Students gain employment experience within the community in a variety of business areas. Students must attain their own job assignment as a part of enrollment as a WBE student. Credits are earned based upon hours worked at job location. Hours are verified through the submission of paycheck stubs. 


WBE Requirements

WBE requires a minimum of 130 hours each quarter for a total of 260 hours for the semester.  260 hours = ½ credit (2 quarters * 130 hours (avg. of approx. 15 hours/week = 260 total hours)).  If you work 350 hours or more = 1 credit (avg. of approx. 20 ½ hours/week).  WBE students are required to maintain satisfactory employment throughout the entire semester.  All job experiences must be approved by the WBL teacher/coordinator.  All WBE students must maintain passing grades in four required/elective classes.  Students participating in the WBE program must also turn in paycheck stubs for verification of hours worked. 

*All students in the WBE program must provide their own transportation to and from their WBE sites.