DHS Internship

Teacher/Coordinator:  Mrs. Kerkvliet

Room: 102



The internship program is designed to provide students with “real-world” experience in a chosen career field setting. Hands-on work experience in a setting of interest will help to provide students with invaluable understanding of a chosen career field they decide to pursue. 


REQUIREMENTS - Students are required to have taken or be concurrently enrolled in ELP Online Career Readiness class.


  1. Dress and act appropriately.

  2. Completion of pre-internship assignment.

  3. Maintain passing grades in four required/elective classes.

  4. Maintain accurate check in/check out records at the high school office and at your internship site.

  5. Submit to Mrs. Kerkvliet a report, neatly completed by you and your supervisor, of internship dates agreed upon by you and your internship site supervisor. This is due after the completion of first week of internship. This report should also include how you will notify supervisor/site of any missed internship days. 

  6. Daily journal entries are required of your experience each day you intern.  Your journal entries are due to Mrs. Kerkvliet on the last day of each school week.  You can pick up your journals the following week. 

  7. A complete portfolio of your experience. Due date for your completed portfolio is Friday May 5th (Seniors) or Thursday May 25th (Juniors). The portfolio will NOT be accepted after this date; no exceptions.

  8. Satisfactory evaluations are required during the course of the semester. 

  9. Student is responsible for transportation to and from internships.

  10. Internship supervisors have the ability to fire you from their site as an intern student.  If fired as an internship student, it will be treated as ISS and you will be required to report to the office during your designated internship time; you will also fail the semester as an intern, no exceptions.

  11. SENIORS: If you have an internship that does not require you to attend on Fridays, this will be your time.  You are not allowed to loiter around school building during this time period.  Parents, please be aware that your student may or may not be required to attend his/her internship on Friday and may be free to leave during this time or to utilize this time working on other work in classes, etc. This is individualized for each student; for more information, please talk to Mrs. Kerkvliet.

  12. JUNIORS: May or may not have to attend internship on Fridays. If they are not required to attend internship on Fridays, they must be at the school library during their internship time(s).

  13.  Students must be to their internship site by Monday, January 16th or they will be dropped from the internship program. No exceptions.



  1. School policies are required to be followed at all times.

  2. Dress and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times.  Remember: You are representing Douglas High School. 

  3. Punctuality and attendance are important in the classroom and at the work place.  Therefore, I expect that each student shall arrive at the internship site at the required times and dates set forth by you and your internship site supervisor.

  4. You must be present and accounted for at either your internship site or at your teacher/coordinators classroom.  If not, you are considered truant, and you will receive an unexcused absence.

  5. All excused absences must be cleared through your teacher/coordinator.

  6. Notify your internship site immediately of any missed scheduled internship days.