NCAA Clearinghouse

letes interested in participating in Athletics at Division I and Division II colleges Only
Any student in grades 9 through 12 or their parents can access this information at any time.
  • Go to
  • Go to prospective student athletes
  • Click on guide for college-bound student athletes (any grade).
  • Select List of Approved Core Courses on the left side of the screen and use the 510110 DHS high school code.
  • Register at the end of the Junior year (recommended). Select Domestic Student Release Form to register. The Clearinghouse won't look at this until October of the Senior year.
  • Give your credit card number and select Submit.
  • Print the form and give to the DHS registrar in the Guidance Office or the ladies in the front office if it is summertime. Your transcript will then be sent to the NCAA to check.
  • Once registration is complete, and during the Senior year, a student can check his/her status from the Clearinghouse. DHS is not authorized to do this. NCAA will contact our registrar in May to verify graduation for all registered seniors, and final transcripts will then be sent to the Clearinghouse.

Helpful Reminders:
  1. Take as many ACT's as possible and list the NCAA as an institution to send ACT results to.
  2. Athletes in the class of 2010 will have additional requirements to what is presently stated (D1 and D2)