Career Exploration

9th Grade Career Exploration

  • A University of Wyoming admissions representative comes to our campus and presents the College Pathaways presentation for 9th grade students. The College Pathways presentation is designed to give our students an idea of what college is, why it is important, and how it can be accesible to them. The program features information on: The college admission process, Hathway scholarships and other financial aid information, the benefits of postsecondary education, identifying a major, college lingo, and choosing the right college.  

10th Grade Career Exploration

  • 10th grade students complete an interest inventory as part of the PLAN test given in the spring.  A wheel of work indicating possible career choices is included with their score report. 

11th Grade Career Exploration

  • 11th grade students have the option of signing up for an Educational Internship or a Business Internship. They attend the internships during the school day, and receive credit for those classes. The students are job shadowing and learning about various career options.
  • 11th graders also log into the online ACT Discover site. This allows them to complete interest inventories, and look at different majors and occupations that are available. They can also complete a resume and search a database that has all colleges and universities in the country.

12th Grade Career Exploration

  • 12th graders meet with guidance counselors at the beginning of the school year to talk about Hathaway Scholarships, ACT testing options, Post High School Planning Days, Financial Aid Night, General scholarship and financial aid information, and FAFSA information.  There is also a senior parent meeting scheduled at the beginning of the school year to provide parents with the same information. Additionally, a Financial Aid Night scheduled in November/December and a Financial Aid Director from a local community college provides information on financial aid and general scholarship information. 
  • 12th graders also have access to the ACT Discover program along with Naviance where all of the local scholarships are listed.