Financial Aid

III. Initial Eligibility Requirements

An eligible student is one who:
1. Graduates from an eligible high school; or
2. Successfully completed a home-based education program; or
3. Receives minimum standard scores on the GED
a. GED students must have received the GED while residing in Wyoming and must have attended an eligible high school prior to receiving the GED
b. The GED must be taken after April 1, 2006
4. Applies within two years of the graduation date of the student’s graduating class; the eligibility timeframe may be extended under the following circumstances:
a. Students entering active military duty in the US Armed Forces and have been discharged honorably; or
b. Students who enter into a formalized religious service; or
c. Students who can demonstrate other good cause in writing.
5. Complies with the US selective service system requirements for registration, if applicable.
6. Plans on being a full-time student = 12 hours or more; or
7. Plans on being a part-time student = 6 to 11 hours.

NOTE: In addition to items listed above for eligibility, a student must demonstrate Wyoming residency as determined by the eligible institution. A student whose custodial parent or guardian is in active military service and maintains Wyoming as their domicile state is deemed to be a Wyoming resident.
Hathaway scholarships are for attendance at the Wyoming postsecondary eligible institutions; these eligible institutions are:

Casper College (CC), Casper;
Central Wyoming College (CWC), Riverton;
Eastern Wyoming College (EWC), Torrington; http://ewc.wy.edu__
Laramie County Community College (LCCC), Cheyenne;
Northwest College (NWC), Powell;
Sheridan College (SC), Sheridan;
Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC), Rock Springs;
University of Wyoming (UW), Laramie; http://www.uwyo.edu__
Hathaway scholarships are not entitlements, and are subject to legislative appropriation. The legislature has the authority to modify or terminate the Hathaway Scholarship Program at any time.