DHS Students compete at Chadron State Scholastic Contest

DHS Students compete at Chadron State Scholastic Contest
Posted on 04/17/2015
DHS Students - Chadron State ScholasticChadron State Scholastic Contest Results:

Group Picture....From Left to Right Front Row:
Holly (Earth Science 2nd Place)
Jewel (American History 21/71 and Trigonometry 28/45)
Bailey (Chemistry 32/65 and Trigonometry 17/45)
Emilyn (Advanced Mathematics 34/55)
Sophia (American Government 13/57 and General Biology 51/64)
Megan (Algebra I 38/65)
Veronica (Chemistry 47/65)
Katie (American Government 28/57 and Psychology 25/46)
Grace (World History 61/66)

Back Row....From Left to Right:
Spencer (Health 12/49 and Physical Education Sports Knowledge 38/53)
Zach (General Biology 9/64)
Harley (Earth Science 14/45 and Plane Geometry 38/71)
Matt (General Science 54/64 and Plane Geometry 49/71)
Mark (Business Mathematics 8/34 and Personal Finance 12/41)
Brandon (Business Information Systems 5/28)
John (English Usage 21/52, Psychology 5/46 and Vocabulary 14/55)

Congratulations Holly!  She took 2nd in Earth Science at the Chadron State Scholastic Contest.
Holly F.